Aurigma PhotoEditor 2.0

Aurigma PhotoEditor 2.0: ASP.NET online photo editing app, rich functionality (crop, remove red-eye, etc) PhotoEditor is most convenient web-based software for online photo editing. Designed for easy work with photos over the web, it ideally combines all most popular and required photo editing features with speed and simplicity of use. When integrated with a site, PhotoEditor allows users to edit a photo stored there - rotate, crop, remove red eye effect, apply artistic effects, etc. It does not require anything other than a regular browser.

MBizGroup Batch PhotoEditor 1.0: Batch photo editing application, incl. Rotate, resize, convert, compress, text
MBizGroup Batch PhotoEditor 1.0

MBizgroup Batch PhotoEditor is a compact, non-intrusive and easy-to-use batch photo editing application, it includes the following features: Batch rotate, resize, convert, compress, text watermark, upload. Seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer. Special features include Applying Text Watermark to protect your photos copyright; compress photos to save storage space and increase download speed; upload to MBizGroup to store, share and publish.

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MBizGroup PhotoEditor 1.5: Powerful Photo Viewing, Printing, Slideshow and Batch Editing Application
MBizGroup PhotoEditor 1.5

MBizGroup PhotoEditor 1.5 is a powerful Photo Application. Features include: Template-based Printing, Slideshow, Editing / Effects and Screen capture. It integrates with, allowing users to easily store, publish and share photos on the web.

batch, slideshow, printing, application, editing, powerful photo viewing

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